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Does your house need improvement? Thinking of remodeling your house? Giving your house a constructional facelift can be a huge project. Who more than the best and experienced construction company in the UK for that!

We offer complete interior-exterior renovation and remodeling services, including fitting new kitchen and bathrooms, changing flooring, painting and decorating, electrical and lighting design, heating specification and layout building, etc. We understand different construction methods that have been used in the past years and incorporate the latest technology to smoothly integrate the modern designs and ideas to your house.

Get your home transformed into a magical dream house without any interruptions or hassles. It is time to upgrade your home with the latest trends!.

AEA Design and Build Group of Constructions brings you a wide range of renovation and refurbishment services at a reasonable price range.

With considerable experience in renovations, we are an expert in remodeling and restoring properties from many different periods. Our team of designers and renovators shall beautify your house, keeping the latest trends in mind.